I laboured over the decision to include testimonials in my review of  What Lies in Your Debt.

My reason for the indecision is based purely on the fact that there are so many scams and false testimonials on the Internet for every thing from “Miracle Baby Oil” to “Best Holiday Destination in the World” that believing any of them can take some stretch of the imagination.

So instead of a testimonial – and there are plenty of them from current members – I decided to show you a snippet of the “welcome” message you get from the creator of “What Lies in Your Debt”.

The intention is to show you his sincerity and honesty and in that way show you that WLIYD is the real deal.

“We are not asking for thousands of dollars for a service or processes that do not work! We have developed a system that everyone can afford and with the proper effort actually gets results that sometimes include thousands of dollars in the member’s pockets. What more can anyone expect?

Honest information from honest people that works, we cannot offer anything more. We cannot address everyone’s individual situation nor should any member expect that. What we do offer is that the site addresses everyone’s situations but the individual must utilize it to the fullest, if not, its just like anything else … it wont work.”

If you want to read actual testimonials from real members you can view them on the home page of  What Lies in Your Debt.