What Lies in Your Debt – A Full Review


“Don’t Be A Victim Of The Current Economic Crisis.  Turn The Tables On The Banksters. Collection Agencies And Other Crooks!”

Sounds like quite a promise, or at least that they are implying, that all banks, lenders etc. are crooks and acting illegally.

So let’s tear this program apart and see what it’s really about.

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 “What Lies in Your Debt” What is it All About?

“What Lies in Your Debt” (WLIYD) is an interactive forum of members who are all at various stages of foreclosure, all helping and guiding each other to legally avoid foreclosure, debt collection harassment and the resultant bad credit rating that comes with it.

Most, if not all, the questions you have will have been asked by someone else already.

The answers are all there, in the forum, dig for them and ask others for help – you will get the answers that will help you move forward. There are hundreds of videos, PDF tutorials, over 600 members and 3 support calls per week in which you are encouraged to participate and ask question. These weekly calls are an important part of the program as you have access through them to the moderators and members with actual successful experience.

It is not, and cannot be, a site that gives legal advice – simply because each country, each state and every situation is different. There is, however, access to hundreds of webinars, case studies, legal documents, legislation and everything you need to know to fight your case.


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David Vs Goliath

What a wonderful story of the little guy taking on the giant and winning. It can be done.

Receiving a “Letter of Demand” or “Notice of Foreclosure” is a terrifying experience and it is a natural reaction to believe that you don’t stand a chance against big institutions.

You are not programmed to fight back.

“What Lies in Your Debt” removes that fear and show you exactly what steps you need to take to avoid financial disaster.

  • You will learn that you are protected by law against bullying tactics
  • You will learn that you have rights
  • You will learn how to turn the tables on those that use illegal tactics on you and
  • You will learn that you can make money simply by asking questions and pointing out certain facts.

Put The Lenders On The Run

Knowledge is a powerful tool.

Where lenders use illegal tactics, sometimes wittingly, other times unwittingly the cost of recovering the debt and bad press that inevitably follows precludes them from pursuing the case. Consequently it is easier and more expedient to settle out of court.

Why spend thousands of dollars to collect and defend an action that is illegal? They know they won’t win even before they start.

Take the case of a member of the WLIYD member who owed over $11,000 on her credit card and was at her wits end as to hoe to make payments and keep her good credit rating. After following the advice in WLIYD not only did she have her debt cancelled but she also received a settlement check in excess of $15,000.

That’s a $26,000 turn around! And imagine the incredible relief she must have felt with all the stress gone from her life.


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Inside “What Lies in Your Debt” membership area.

The following is a visual representation of a very small portion of what you will find in the WLIYD program.










The Next Step

Not convinced  yet?

I strongly recommend you visit “What Lies in Your Debt” (click on the link below) and watch the free video series – make absolutely certainty whether this program is for you or not.

Watch the videos for free.

Then decide what your next step should be …