Traditional Credit Card Debt Relief

When people talk about getting relief for outstanding credit card debt they usually mean asking the CC company to reduce the interest rate allowing you to make some sort of dent in your balance.  Some credit card companies will agree to this sort of reduction in interest rates but will most likely apply further conditions; you may have to surrender your card, agree to a fixed monthly payment and similar restrictive conditions.

It is not often that they will remove or suspend interest rates.

There are agencies that can help you with debt consolidation and negotiate credit card debt relief for you.

If you are on this page can I assume you are overwhelmed by Credit Card debt which, despite making the minimum payments, is accumulating faster than you can repay it. Maybe the CC company is already putting the squeeze on you and threatening you unless you pay in full within a specified period.

Are you getting calls at work, on your mobile or any other place?

Now is the time to act – and not always in the way they expect you to.

Is your credit card company acting within (or complying with) the consumer protection laws - knowing your rights puts you in the driving seat.

We take a closer look at “What Lies in Your Debt”  and under Section 13 of the program they deal specifically with the way Credit Card companies have to conduct their business – and includes how they should go about collecting overdue  amounts.

The following screen shot is taken from within the member’s area which shows a small portion of the information available to you.

Credit Card Debt Relief Section of "What Lies in Your Debt"



Easier said than done to say “Don’t panic” but try not to – not yet – not until you have armed yourself with knowledge and exhausted all your options.

Hundreds before you have had their debts cancelled, and collected money, because the lenders have not followed legal requirements in their pursuit of profits while harassing defaulters.