Affiliate Disclosure

Unlike the institutions we are fighting with this website we are happy to disclose and advise that we are an affiliate to certain vendors featured on this site.

What this means is in the event that you decide to join or buy from a link on this site we probably get an introductory fee.

How does this affect you?

It doesn’t.

The price you pay is the same (or cheaper) as you would by purchasing directly from the vendor.


  • You pay, say $50.00, for something through this site, we get a “thank-you” by way of a few $$$$
  • You pay the same $50.00 directly to the vendor, or through some other connection, we get ZIP
  • Either way you get the best advice from reputable vendors and a resolution you never thought possible before visiting our site – we love “thank-you” notes and success stories; be sure to let us know how you get along.

What it means to us

  • We get a visitor to our site who, when they leave, have no idea (yet) of the incredibly good result they will get by following the program/advice to the letter.
  • We get a few funds to offset the costs of running the site.

Welcome aboard and remember to come out of your corner alert – ready to punch, weave and counter punch!